You have questions? We've got answers.

How is payment collected?

We’ve teamed up with Stripe to use their payment collection system. Think a high security bank with armed guards and lasers, that’s Stripe except with digital protection. There’s a reason big corporations like Amazon, Airbnb and others use facebook for their business. Very simply, all you’ll need to do is put in your details, and we’ll manage Stripe to send through invoices (receipts) each week for your tutoring classes.

What happens after I pay?

Group Classes:
Comprehensive packages: There are 4 instalments to pay across a 2-month period. Each instalment will be charged every 2 weeks.

Focussed packages: As you pay on a term-by-term basis, you will be charged every term. At Novicate, the term is defined as a "2-month" period from the time you first sign up for your package. If you continue with your program for 4 terms, you will be charged 4 term-payments across an 8 month period. There will be no further payments after the 4th term.

Receiving invoices:
After the payment is deducted ,you will receive an invoice sent to the email address provided when first putting in your personal details via the Novicate Academy - Stripe payment link. This is why it is important that the paying person inputs their email address and not the student’s email address so that they can receive the invoices to their email. 

You can confirm thatyou have been deducted the appropriate amount by checking your bank statement. Some banks may take a few days for the transaction to appear so please allow2-3 business days just in case. 

If I am unwell and unable to attend a class, what happens with payment?
One of the amazing features of the Novicate programs is that all the sessions are recorded, which allows students to review any missed material on Novicate's Content Library.  Therefore, there will be no discounts or credits applied to students for any missed weeks: it is expected that students remain committed to their studies and will catch-up on any missed material!

Novicate Academy tutors will never leave students in the dark. Students who miss sessions live are heartly encouraged to ask any questions to their tutors via email or via our Novicate Community Discord! Tutors will endeavour to respond to all queries within 24-48 hours!

What is the Novicate Content Library, and how do I access it?

What is the Content Library?
The Novicate Content Library is a cutting-edge online course platform which houses the material and resources for each subject course (Gold or Silver Programs). This will be the primary location where Gold/Silver enrolled students can locate all: 

- Recorded Tutoring classes
- Content, Question and Solution Booklets
- Topic Test Questions and Solutions 

Any Novicate student will be enrolled into this platform once the stripe payment link form has been successfully filled in. If the stripe form is not filled out, the student will not be enrolled and thus, will not be able to get access to the material or classes until the Stripe link is completed! 

In summary here are your action steps: 
1. Sign up to your Novicate Program via the relevant Novicate Stripe Checkout link
2. Await onboarding email with Discord link
3. Await link to Content Library Platform in student email
4. Navigate to Content Library and Discord to familiarise yourself with the platforms 

Are your tutor's scores verified?

Yes, rest assured - all our tutor's raw 50 subject scores have been verified by us.

Where are classes held?

Classes are all held online over Zoom, which means you no travelling to tutoring locations or waking up early, you can zoom in at the comfort of your own home.

Can I have a trial lesson?

Of course! We don’t think it’s fair for you to trust our process and resources blindly without seeing how they work for you. We currently offer an online trial program for students interested in our group classes across subjects. Send us a message to get started!

This looks interesting, can I join your team?

If you believe you're a great match for the team, then send us and email at We're currently looking for:
- Student reps at various schools accross Victoria
- Strategy and marketing officers
- If you have a specific role in mind, email us and we may love to have you on board!