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On top of that, tutors are screened and trained extensively before they are officially onboarded.

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In-house content library+ study skills training = Your hack to becoming a high-achieving student

Our content library gives students a platform with everything they need for their subject. Filled with booklets with model answers & key words to use in SACs and exams, to video recordings literally running through how Raw 50 scorers approach and answer questions.

Past students have used our content library alone to score themselves Raw 50s.

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ONLY raw 50 subject tutors

Content, question and answer booklets developed in-house by raw 50 tutors

Topic tests and mock day events

Novicate online content library - access booklets and lessons recordings anytime, anywhere

Discord community forum and motivation chat

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Gold Package Group Tutoring

Our best value package. You'll get ALL we offer, live group learning via zoom + full content library access.

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Self-paced learner? No worries, we've got you. You'll get full content library access minus the live lectures, so you can learn with top quality Raw 50 resources at your own pace and schedule!
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In-house designed comprehensive content booklet sets

These booklets will be your go-to Bible on our content library - they are designed with a key focus on active-learning, which is a scientifically backed method of successful learning.

Instead of passively reading and absorbing less than 10% of the content, while watching our content library lessons, you will be sketching diagrams, filling in the blanks and annotating to properly boost your learning. These booklets are also filled with exam tips, memory hacks and model answers to use in your exams.

Weekly question & answer booklets

Challenging questions designed with a focus on applying what you’ve learned to new scenarios – a stable skill that you need to master if you want to do well on the final end-of-year exam. You’ll also receive comprehensive answer sheets, with marking breakdowns, written answer walkthroughs and applied exam tips.

Progress tests to evaluate how you're going

Our topic tests are carefully designed to replicate the same layout and question styles of your final VCAA exams. With our questions being more challenging, we push you to think harder so that you’re prepared for any curveball exam questions where it matters. Repeated testing throughout the year gives your tutors insights about how you’re performing, students who aren’t improving get extra personal support every step of the way.

Revision classes + mock days to consolidate your learning

Revision classes: Our incredible tutors run subject-specific revision classes all year round. By having a combination of unit 3, unit 4 and unit 3/4 revision classes throughout the year, we're making sure that you're sticking to a trialled and tested revision routine. Learning top tier content, having your answers refined and reviewing your high yield content - what else could you want?

Mock days: Heard of the VCE horror stories where stellar students perform super well throughout the year but sadly end up being underprepared for exams? We have too, and so here at Novicate our lead subject tutors run mock day events to put you to the ultimate test and weed out any exam jitters you might have. With this final piece to the puzzle, Novicate gives you the complete study success package.

Discord community chat + 24/7 tutor support

Studying alone gets boring sometimes, some of our tutors are in 5th year university and even we need a study buddy too. Since we're all about community at Novicate, we created our Novicate Discord community where you can rub shoulders with other high achieving VCE students across all subjects, share motivational tips, study tips, hear insights from current university students about conventional and alternative career pathways and learn how our students use our  “daily wins” channel to become a better version of themselves everyday.

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What students say about our tutors

Don't trust our words? No worries - here's what your peers are saying.

Phillipe is a really approachable and enthusiastic tutor! His passion for Biology shines through in his teaching and he is able to explain concepts in an easily understandable manner, helping you unpack the content really well. His structured classes, revision programs and notes are all super valuable. From the beginning, he delivers tips and techniques for answering exam style questions which prepare you well for the end of year exam! Overall, Phillipe is a wonderful tutor who is always there to answer your questions and provide you with the support that you need!

Naina Devarakonda

Huey is the perfect tutor for you, being capable to adapt and cater towards your learning progress. Whether you are a competent student or you are a less confident individual, you will no doubt benefit immensely from Huey's professional guidance. From my personal experience, Huey deepened my understanding of the subject and diligently conveyed his knowledge in each of our sessions. Huey possesses amazing passion for teaching but is an impressive mentor all around. I cannot recommend him enough as he will definitely set you on the right track for what you want to achieve.

Jaden Mu

Huey is a highly experienced tutor who is extremely patient and a meticulous person when it comes to his work. He has a positive attitude towards life and goes out of his way to make sure that you will succeed in the VCE. I highly recommend that you choose Huey for tutoring as he provides you with an invaluable amount of tips and knowledge to succeed during the course of the VCE and the lead up to exams. He is not only a tutor but a good friend who is a great human being. Thanks heaps Huey!!!

Kevin Tran

I had Phillipe as my tutor this year for Biology and he was excellent! He is clearly very passionate and knowledgable, and went into a lot of depth to ensure I had a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of the concepts, which furthered my appreciation and interest in the subject. He was also very meticulous when it came to exam technique, which is crucial in VCE, in particular Biology. I would definitely recommend his tutoring services to those looking for extra assistance in VCE as well as those who are looking to achieve high scores.

Vanessa Vu