Novi = 'new' in Russian; cate = edu-cate;
Novicate = New Education

Traditional tutoring is all the same. Mere repeat of school-like lessons without
providing anything new.

We're here to change that.

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Our Story

Fundamentally, outside of classrooms and tutoring sessions, high schoolers feel lost with too many questions and very few quality answers from top scorers to help guide the journey.

Students need to learn skills like how to answer questions for exams. And also have a place to ask any questions they have throughout the week without having to pay every time they need detailed question help.

By providing Melbourne's most comprehensive VCE Science programs we're on a mission - To help 100s of high schoolers get in the .

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Why choose us?

Tutoring: Our tutoring is awesome. We only have , a and designed by our very own perfect scoring tutors. We also ensure that active learning techniques are employed throughout our curriculum.

But we understand that scoring amazing grades doesn’t necessarily mean that they'd be a fantastic tutor. For this reason, we have a which screens for personality, communication skills and genuine passion for tutoring.

Convinced? Let's get started!

Meet the founder

Founder Phillipe Adamtchek

Phillipe Adamtchek


Hey superstars, I’m Phillipe, a current medical student, passionate entrepreneur, long time VCE tutor and a man with a mission to live life to the fullest.

I came-up with the idea of Novicate after recognising that like traditional schooling education, the methods of extra-curicullar tutoring was just as archaic and outdated. Being a long-time tutor I was impassioned by own high school experiences and the needs and wants of my past students to create something that fits into our new age of the world. With studying smart, finding your dream career and enjoying the process at the core of my beliefs, I hope to create something that helps you succeed academically and prepares you to leave Novicate ready to live the most amazing life in the best career you deserve.