Using Stripe with Novicate Academy

Setting up weekly payment via the secure and internationally recognised payment gateway (Stripe)

What is Stripe?

Payment for Novicate Academy is all set-up via the incredibly secure and internationally recognised payment gateway – Stripe. In fact, Stripe is so secure that large companieslike Amazon, Slack, Shopify and Airbnb all use Stripe’s payment platform to conduct their own businesses. Safe to say that we definitely trust Stripe too!

What details do I need to provide?

The person paying for the tutoring classes (student or parent) will need to input their personal details including their name, phone number, email address and bank details into Novicate Stripe Checkout link.

It would look something like this for 1-on-1 classes:

1-1 Classes Stripe checkout view

It would look something like this for Gold or Silver Program enrollments:

Gold/Silver program Stripe checkout view

‍Once completed,their details will be securely stored on Stripe’s payment platform. After theform is completed, the paying person must send an email to their tutor lettingthem know what student they are paying for – that way they can manually linkthe student’s name to the Stripe profile to keep track.

 In summary:

1) The paying person should fill out the stripe payment form

2) The paying person should then email theirNovicate tutor from the same email address used to sign fill out the stripe form.

 Please title the email as Stripe Payment Name – [insert studentname]