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Amir Saleh

About Me 

Hey everyone! My name is Amir Saleh, I graduated in 2020 (99.20 ATAR, Perfect Raw 50 biology) and am currently studying in my third year of medicine at Monash Uni! I have been tutoring both chemistry and biology since I graduated. I love to teach because I genuinely enjoy seeing people improve and excel in the things they do!

To succeed in biology you need two things:

  1. Understand what on earth is going on
  2. Know exactly how to answer questions to VCAA's standard

The course here at Noviciate is one that teaches you those exact things and will make you proficient in the language of biology! I will be explaining what you need to know, then making sure you write your own answers! To double check that the information has stuck we will even do tests to prepare for the actual tests at school!

I like to teach through understanding, don’t come to these classes expecting to be spoofed answers to questions. You need to pay attention and learn the ins and outs of the knowledge so that you can apply to it real world scenarios, which is the way questions will be asked on the exams.

All it takes is to get started on your biology journey, and the rest comes easy!

Achievements 🏆

✅ Raw 50 study score in VCE Biology

✅ 99.20 ATAR

✅ Medical Student

Wondering how we teach?

Structured approach - content & syllabus made by our own raw 50 tutors

Weekly Q&A Booklets to help you apply your learning

Progress tests and revision classes to make sure no one falls behind

And that's not all... You'll also gain access to:

🎓 Novicate Content Library

Watch whenever, wherever, and review any class throughout the year. We believe that having the piece of mind to review any class whenever you want is an important feature of tutoring.

🚨 Unlimited Support

Have any Einstein worthy questions you think of at 2am in the morning? Send a message to our tutors and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an even better answer to close your gaps and bring you closer to your ideal score.

🧑‍🎓Novicate Subject Specific Discord Community

Want to form subject specific study groups, share notes and learn with some of your best and brightest peers? Novicate Subject Group is the place for you, access included in your tutoring completely free!

📚 Revision and Mock Days*

We are firm believes in interleaved study practice and so, run super jam-packed revision classes throughout the year to help consolidate all your knowledge and help you master your answers for the exam. Our annual mock day events for our subjects mean our students are prepped to combat exam stress, optimise time efficiency and build their ultimate exam stamina.
*Access purchased separately.

We can't wait for you to join us!

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Access to all lesson recordings for the chosen subject
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Learn at your own pace
After hours contact
Discord support & motivation chat with Novicate students
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